Graveside Service
with a flat top - gray cloth covered casket


  • Flat Top Casket
    Particle board casket
    Cloth covered particle  board                White crepe interior
  • Transfer of the decedent from within 40 miles of our office
  • Obtaining the necessary signatures from doctor or coroner
  • Completion of the certificate of death and the burial permit
  • Dressing and Casketing of the decedent
  • Transportation of the deceased to a cemetery within 40 miles of our office
  • Coordinating and conducting a graveside service
  • State Disposition permit included
  • Embalming not included or required
  • Completion of all military burial application paperwork

                                    Complete veteran's burial  $ 1300.00

I am interested in a
using a Metal Casket

Our staff will assist you with obituary notices if requested.
We will assist in acquiring Certified Copies of the Death Certificate.

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